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Khiva, UzbekistanKhiva - one of the ancient Khorezm's capitals - is a classic medieval city with three partial architecture. The Kunya-Ark citadel prominently stands out along with city itself - Shakhristan Ichan-Kala and suburb area - Rabad Dishan-Kala. The walls shaped as a rectangle with four gates are fencing the inner city. Those of suburb area have an oval shape and contain the ten gates. Not once the city dwellers used them to protect the city from the enemy forces.

The number of minarets, which stretched across the city and highly resemble to exclamation marks, is emphasizing the main design axis. Out of the earliest monuments of Khiva preserved are the Said Allautdin and Pakhlavan Makhmud mausoleums in the centre of Ichan-Kala. They have been erected in XIV century, in a period of resplendent glamour of Golden-Horde Khorezm's architectural-artistic school. The rest of the monuments and complexes were built in later periods and harmonically fit with more ancient monuments.

Undoubtedly, Khorezm masters' culture of erecting the buildings is the part of the world culture. Antic castles, medieval fortresses and cities of this ancient oasis are well-known all throughout the world and indicate experience accumulated by many centuries along with architects' talent.
Indigenous masters with years have developed the certain principles, methods, technique, created an original architecture school, traditions of which were widely disseminated beyond the region's borders. The architectural decor had a special significance. With a mild blue-white-and-azure palette of ceramic embodiments and majolica plates, numerous ornament compositions embodied here. The columns and their pedestals, doors, shutters and gates decorated with magnificent carvings. Embossed patterns strike an imagination with excellence of execution. Largely well-preserved monuments of Khiva testify the boundless possibilities of Khorezm masters.

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