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Vacation in Uzbekistan

Vacation in Uzbekistan

Vacation in Uzbekistan is attractive with all those classical set of assets, which experienced travelers usually look for: advanced network of modern recreation areas, campgrounds, guest houses, restaurants, cafes and chaykhanas, which are placed as on the alpine meadows of the western Tian Shan, so in the steppes, and even in semi-deserts.

The tourist infrastructure in Uzbekistan has been developing very intensively over the past two decades. On the one hand the state budget financed large-scale and long-term projects, such as installment of transmission lines and technical communications, construction and complete reconstruction of roads and railways. In turn large and medium-sized businesses have acquired and restored the old recreation areas in the mountains of Chimgan, Yangiabad and Zaamin, also they have completed the construction, frozen dozen of years ago, of hotel complexes on the coast of Charvak mountain reservoir. Today a number of new luxury mountain resorts of Khodjikent, Beldersay and Chimgan have been gaining increasing popularity.

Fans of mountaineering and paragliding haven’t been forgotten as well, the special tours are developed for them. And contrary to general opinion the tourism season in Uzbekistan is not only from spring to autumn. The gentle slopes of the Western Tian Shan are covered by snow from early December to early April. Add the fact that in the mountains the sun is shining most of the winter and you will realize that the ski slopes and resorts of Chimgan, Beldersay and Yangiabad, equipped with lifts, are worthily became an attractive place for fancies of winter vacation in Uzbekistan.

Gastronomic tours in Uzbekistan have become increasingly popular as well. It is the land on the Great Silk Road where during thousands of years the culinary delights of many nations and cultures have been soaked and creatively reworked: from the Hellenistic states of the West to the nomadic tribes of the East. It is interestingly, the travelers with the same pleasure visit both top restaurants and taverns in the usual oriental bazaars. Here is a list of dishes that are must to try in Uzbekistan: Tashkent, Samarkand and Andijan plov, Khorezm tuhum-barak, Jizzakh somsa, Surkhandarya tandir-kebab, Syrdarya fried fish, Karakalpak zhuueri gurtik and Bukhara Barra gusht. And also there are kazi and naryn, shourpa and kebab, nuhat and lagman, shivit-osh and hasyp, halim and dimlama. Add to all above-mentioned a sweet bread, melons of all colors, grapes, peaches, figs, dried apricots, raisins... Food Tour to Uzbekistan is Rabelaisian culinary feast in Central Asia. One guest from Moscow has joked: "You can claim for a gastronomic asylum in a foodaholic row of Chorsu bazaar in the old town of Tashkent".

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